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Flu Season

Protect yourself during flu season. Although we are all already taking infection prevention measures due to COVID-19, such as frequent hand washing, covering our coughs and sneezes, or wearing a mask and social distancing, it is still very important to get a flu vaccine. Keep in mind that it takes two weeks to build protection after a flu vaccine, so don't delay getting yours. Please contact us today to schedule your protective vaccine.

Chico Community Health and Outreach

Our staff:

Chico phone: 530-899-5156
Chico fax: 530-645-1536

In-person Groups:

Virtual Groups:

Willows Community Health and Outreach

Our staff:

Willows phone: 530-934-5431
Willows fax: 530-934-2372

In-person Groups:

Virtual Groups:

Woodland Community Health and Outreach

Our staff:

Woodland phone: 530-207-5483
Woodland fax: 530-661-4416

In-person Groups:


A Matter of Balance Workshops
This 8-series workshop discusses everyday strategies to reduce the fear of falling. As a participant you learn to view falls as preventable and will discuss ways to reduce your fall risk factors. Class exercises will help increase strength and balance.

Elders Luncheons
Native Elders enjoy this social gathering where they enjoy a healthy meal, listen to a health presentation, and participate in a craft project.

Home Visits and Case Management
Visits within the home, community or clinic are offered to assist the patient in their self-management health plan.

Injury Prevention Program
This program includes the distribution and education on car seats, bike helmets, smoke detectors, and home safety interventions, such as grab bars, night lights, and non-skid mats.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise that builds physical strength, balance, and flexibility through breathing and controlled movements. This practice for a health mind and body helps to reduce fall risks, alleviate pain, and relieve stress.

Health Series
This monthly group provides discussions on symptom management of chronic conditions and ways to introduce lifestyle changes that can improve your health. Join us for some fun as we talk, eat, exercise, and meditate our way to a healthier us.

Food Smarts
This program in nutrition education and cooking is offered through our partnership with Center for Health Communities. Participants learn grocery store navigation, creating balanced meals through recipe makeovers, and enjoy a cooking experience.

Diabetic Talking Circle
This monthly group provides emotional and physical support to those living with diabetes. Facilitated discussions increase the knowledge of diabetes while providing nutritional information and guided physical exercise as part of diabetes care plan.

Family Spirit
Family Spirit is an evidence-based program that supports pregnant women and parenting families with children up to age 3. Parents gain knowledge and skills to promote healthy development and positive lifestyles for themselves and their family.


Health Screenings

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