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Services - Prenatal - Better Babies

Welcome to Better Babies, now at the NVIH Women’s Health Center!

Our Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program offers expert medical pregnancy care along with comprehensive support services to women who have Medi-Cal insurance.

When a woman is income eligible and doesn’t yet have Medi-Cal, Better Babies can issue Presumptive Eligibility, a temporary Medi-Cal card that is effective immediately. She can also receive help applying for Medi-Cal.

Once the pregnant woman has Medi-Cal, all the services are covered, at no cost to her.

Support Services are available from early pregnancy until the baby is 8 weeks old. The baby’s father and other family members are included if desired.

The Better Babies program includes private appointments, health education, nutritional information, individual support, and classes on birthing, breastfeeding, and baby care. We also have a Lactation Consultant who specializes in teaching and assisting women with breastfeeding.

Our staff includes: Registered Nurses, Certified Birthing and Breastfeeding Experts, and Comprehensive Perinatal Health Educators. We work with your Doctor, WIC, Medi-Cal and other agencies in the community at your request.

Obstetricians or Certified Nurse Midwives refer women eligible for Medi-Cal. Women also hear about Better Babies from WIC, Medi-Cal, other agencies, or friends, and women can also self-refer.

Our goal is a healthy pregnancy for a healthy baby and positive parenting! We look forward to sharing in this special time in your life.

Call 530-433-2500 option 6, or 530-894-5585.

Located at the NVIH Women’s Health Center site at 500 Cohasset Road, Chico, CA 95926.

Pregnancy Care + Support Services = Comprehensive Pregnancy Care