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Published by : Nov 19 2022 Posted by : Elise Theriault

Native American Heritage Month – We Honor!

How can we say thank you to a people who have given so much of themselves to our world? From traditions, legends, ways of life, knowledge and culture, we have […]

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Published by : Nov 07 2022 Posted by : Elise Theriault

A Month of Recognition

We greatly welcome the month of November here at NVIH as it is Native American Heritage Month. This is one of the greatest opportunities we have all year to honor […]

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Published by : Oct 21 2022 Posted by : Elise Theriault

The Sugar Trap – Simple Facts for Better Choices

Late October is a time that comes with noticeable change. The leaves change their colors and fall to the ground. The days shorten and nights lengthen as the temperatures drop. […]

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