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The data on this page has been copied from www.access.gpo.gov for reference purposes.

Indian Preference in Training and Employment

(a) The contractor shall give preference in employment for all work performed under the contract, including subcontacts thereunder, to qualified Indians regardless of age, religion, or gender and, to the extent feasible consistent with the efficient performance of the contract, provide employment and training opportunities to Indians, regardless of age, religion, or gender that are not fully qualified to perform under the contract. The contractor shall comply with any Indian preference requirements established by the tribe receiving services under the contract to the extent that such requirements are consistent with the purpose and intent of this paragraph.

(b) If the contractor or any of its subcontractors is unable to fill its employment openings after giving the full consideration to Indians as required in paragraph (a) above, these employment openings may then be filled by other than Indians under the conditions set forth in the Equal Opportunity clause of this contract.

(c) The contractor agrees to include this clause or one similar thereto in all subcontracts issued under the contract.

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