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Mission Statement

The NVIH Dental Department is dedicated to providing quality care to our patients in order to help them improve their health in a comfortable, trustworthy, and empathetic environment.

Services Provided

Pediatric: Head Start exams, preventive dentistry, general dentistry, referral to a specialist as needed, and patient/parent oral hygiene education.

General: Restorative procedures using amalgam and composite materials.

Endodontic: Root canal therapy services provided on anterior, bicuspids, and molar teeth. Referrals to specialist only in extreme cases.

Crown and Bridge: Porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, veneers, and gold.

Prosthodontic: Full dentures, partial dentures, stay plates, maintenance, and adjustments to prosthodontic appliances.

Periodontic: Full mouth scale and root planning, limited gingivectomy services, and referrals to specialists as needed.

Orthodontic: Orthodontic screening and referrals to specialists.

Preventive: Annual/periodic exams and x-rays, child and adult prophylaxis treatments, provision of space maintainers, posterior sealants, fluoride, and oral care instructions.

Oral Surgery Services: Removal of deciduos teeth, removal of permanent teeth both extraction and surgical extraction (excluding boney impactions), and referrals to specialists as needed.

Insurance and Payment Options

All insurances accepted, provider of Medi-Cal; Delta Dental Plan of California; Delta Dental Healthy Families. Sliding Fee Scale available to eligible recipients (please call for details on mandatory documentation).

Personal checks, cash, credit cards, and Care Credit program. No extended payments offered. Eligible registered Native Americans are covered through Direct Care Services provided.